Optical illusions that reveal your personality

Optical illusions are among the most proven personality tests. Your perception of things defines you. In a round table of six people, there is a cup and a spoon in it. When you tell each person on what they see in the two you will have different views based on individual perspective. The explanation of this is the mind and the experiences that we have gone through that define the difference. Someone who has undergone so much in their lives will, of course, have trust issues and will opt to look at things from a negative perspective. In most cases, this is someone who never took charge of the problem and thought there is someone behind all his woes. Conversely, we have people who have seen it all in life but still remain positive. They ignore the worse part of the situation and focus to choose on only the good side.

What are these personalities based on optical illusions?

Intellect vs emotion

In this movie poster psycho movie shower, we have a girl with a raised hand.  The way you can guess the content of the movie defines your personality.  If you look at the girl as someone who surrenders and wants to have a pardon then that is a clear indication of maturity in your thoughts. You have had enough experiences to look at the picture from a positive perspective.

You can be defined as a calm individual who is humble and tends to have positive and mature thought. Another person might look at this movie poster as a girl taking a shower ready to have fun. That is the level of thinking of an immature person; his/her life revolves around fun and entertainment.

That is a sign of innocence, you still think from a child’s point of view. The bright side of this is the fact that you tend to have simplicity in thought. These are simple people with straightforward lives and minimal complication despite the complexity of any situation.



A planner vs. a strategist

Look at Cape Fear movie poster, if in your first observation you just see the three individual in love enclosed in the poster then that is a sign of a good manager. All you need is to handle what comes your way without looking at sideshows. This is someone who is a strategist, in that to him it is not just the three people but the position indicates that they are in a happy love mood. On the contrary, you will have people who will look at even the other fierce person enclosing the three in the movie.

That is a micro-manage in the making. He pays attention to details which in an office setup you probably overlook as meaningless. If this is your boss, he will keep on correcting you simply because you just followed instructions without using an inner thought to handle other issues within the instructions. This is a planner and everything that needs details, he is the right fit for such a position.

Thinker vs. spontaneous

There are people who draw conclusions even before taking their time to think over the situation. In the cup and spoon on the round table; one person and look at it and believe that we are about to be served with a drink. This is someone alert and spontaneous. He is able to take charge of challenges and turn them into opportunities very fast. Someone can look at it just as a means to store the spoon after use, this is a thinker. He does not just look at things from a layman’s point of view but has to think over it before drawing conclusions. Depending, on the situation the spontaneous person lives for the moment while the thinker in most cases has not gone over his pas and has a way of manifesting in the present.

Dirty mind vs. open mind


In many social platforms, some images spread like wildfire, from the outlook it looks like the private part of a woman but in reality is the artwork of grass that sway in a specific direction. Of course, few people will opt for the first impression, this is not a reason t call you a pervert but it is just the way your mind is wired. You think of the natural setup while the one who looks at it as grass can be a good detective. He has to look at what lies behind the scenes so as he avoids being swayed but the outlook for the things. In chess, you need to have an open mind. Ask yourself, why is your opponent giving you a strong piece? He could be paving the way to end the game or weaken your defense.