The 7 greatest alternate movie posters

Fear and loathing movie poster buy

People watch movies for the fan, to pass time or to get a view of a different world. Even if you are not a movies’ person, there is a genre that raises your adrenaline at the mention of it. You can even spot a movie poster and whisper ”yes, this is a good movie.” Among the top seven list of alternate movie poster include


The Iron Giant

This lovable character has captured hearts for generations. Although the movie might be a little dated it has been brought back to life with this amazing alternative movie poster. The colors give the poster a great rustic feel but at the same time engorge the eyes. A must for any animation fan.

Akira Alternative Movie Poster

Akira Anime Movie poster

If you are looking for a picture to glam your home then, you will not go wrong with this movie poster in a frame. The poster is designed using premium quality prints that give it the glossy appearance. In addition, the anti-fade inks used in the drawings and the texts make it durable ideal even as a memorable gift. You have the ability to reframe it to give it aesthetic value even as a wall hanging. The theme of this movie originates from the expose of the secrets of the Japanese government in an experiment on the atomic bomb on children went sour in 1988.

500 days of summer

Just from the look of two genders that seem close, yet far, depicts a touch of drama and romance in the film. The poster is a result of handprints which gives the impression of originality in the drawing and design. It is a movie that keeps you on the screen for as long as it is in motion. The A4 poster features a touch of adventure using the tree and modernity in the type of buildings. It is not just a movie about a love story, but a film that signifies the relevance of love in humanity.

Bronson alt movie poster


The title and the text headings on this poster will give you a sleek preview of the genre of this movie. The main in question from the position just indicates a criminal if not a gangster. The story line of the movie moves around a man (Bronson) who is a celebrity with a lot of myths surrounding his life. The digital printout of this poster stands out just like a book cover to give you a sleek preview of what to expect in the movie. It uses the renowned logo in the entertainment industry to show the awards it has won in the recent past.


Blade Runner

In the world of adventure, we feature The Blade Runner. This is a movie with mysteries to solve; science fiction and drama. Director Ridley Scott uses thematic visuals to indicate a runaway individual who has to pass all odds to make sure the enemy does not catch up with him. The free space with scary enclosed in the poster depicts limited freedom. The lighting effect on the poster also signifies the fact that you are both in light and darkness depending on how you maneuver through the walls of freedom. The two people who look like they have a grudge against each other are the two main characters in this movie.

Batman the Dark Knight

Do people still evolve or it is just a science fiction? The choice of the title of this movie poster indicates horror since these are things that the normal layman just imagines that they exist. At the beginning of the movie, this is someone with a bat suit but towards the end, he becomes a semi-human being through various evolutionary processes which comes as a result of various interactions that changes his persona.


Fear and Loathing in Last Vegas

To follow on from the previous batman poster we’ve got the drugged up duo that are stuck in bat country up next. The psychedelic colours light up the scene and remind us of those mescaline and adrenaline fueled moments on screen and days when Jonny Depp movies were good.

The seven greatest alternative movie posters come from diverse movie genre. Just in case you have no idea of a movie you would love to watch the look at these posters in any of the screenplay and you will have no regret for your time and money. They are thrilling even if you had a low day or night, at the end of the movie, definitely, you will cheer up. They leave both negative and positive thoughts based on what you already have in mind.