The Best Super Hero Movie Posters

Top super hero movie posters for man children

Children and man children alike love an old super hero movie. There is something about modern superhero movies that seem to make them uniquely satisfying and a great excuse to visit the cinema. We here at somanyposters have compiled a list of the top super hero movie posters from our store. Based almost purely on our personal bias and general aesthetics here we have in no particular order the top five super hero movie posters!

Batman The Dark Knight

There is just something about a superhero who doesn’t actually have anything “super” about them that instantly makes them more popular. Batman is the best example of this, followed by Ironman who is kind of a super hero because of his intellect but Batman just goes to show that money and borderline Asperger’s like obsession can get you anything in this world. Including this poster if you would like to click the link and buy it. Jus’Sayin…

Captain America The Winter Solider

Since Disney revolutionized marvel they have discovered a few industry truths. The main one being that it doesn’t matter how wooden your lead actor is as long as you over hype and promote a movie to death it will generate big bucks. The movie poster is pretty though.


Thor Ragnork

The first movie in this series was so bad it looked like it was created by the director of the 1990’s Power Rangers TV Show and shot back then using a time machine to boot. This movie wasn’t much better but the production value went through the roof. As usual even Thor turning into Radien from Mortal Kombat wasn’t enough for him to completely steal the show. That honor goes to this lovable fellow Doug, immortalized here in this movie poster.



Judge dread minus all the frills in this awesome textless version of the movie poster. Who needs words anyway they just get in the way of his awesomeness.


Avengers Age Of Ultron

Ok so this is the only decent Marvel movie to be released in years. Before this you would be forgiven for thinking they weren’t even trying anymore. That’s not the only reason this one makes the list though. Like the movie there is always something about having all of the characters on one poster. It saves paper for one, ink for two and probably money for three if you are going to buy it today.